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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

[DIY] Statement cuff bracelet

How to make a leather spiked statement cuff. Fashion tutorial designed by Xenia Kuhn for blog www.fashionrolla.com

Statement cuff bracelet
[Step by step tutorila]

Since my post about spiked statement cuffs was so popular, I've decided to show you how you can create your own custom made cuff bracelet. Honestly I didn't expect that it will come out so beautiful. For this cuff you will need beads in various sizes and form. For the cuff itself you can use leather, faux leather or any thick material. The screw back spikes are availabe on the  E-bay HERE. You also need some velcro, fabric glue and thick yarn for the beads. If you don't have a leather punch use the scissors to make small holes for the spikes. Enjoy!

Friday, January 25, 2013

[Event] FashionBloggerCafé Berlin January 2013

FashionBloggerCafé Berlin January 2013

On the occasion of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Fashion/Life Style/Beauty Bloggers from across Germany gathered in Berlin for an event called FashionBloggerCafé. In a very cozy atmosphere German Bloggers have the opportunity to meet and interact (offline) with like-minded and talk about awesomeness of being a Blogger, exchange business cards, drink champagne, eat delicious cupcakes. And of course there is no party without some guest speakers, workshops and goody bags.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

[Story] Elvis diary...

elvis diary by xenia kuhn for fashionrolla.com

Elvis diary

Remember Elvis? So he is back. A while ago I was "catsitting" this little monster while his owner was on a business trip. Elvis is a 4 months young puss full with irrepressible energy and hunger for everything what is not able to run away from him. And I mean it literally. Here is one day in the life of a puss named Elvis.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

[Designed] Spiked leather cuffs

handmade spiked leather cuff by Xenia Kuhn for fashionrolla

Spiked leather cuffs

For the past few seasons cuff trend has been making waves on the catwalk and on the street. Instead of wearing thousand of bracelets (arm candy) like it was the trend last season, why not just to wear one amazing cuff? Here are some leather creations I've designed for my Etsy online shop. Available in 4 classic colors the spiked/beaded cuffs are handmade of italian leather. They look amazing and like my friends noticed are great for self defense. :)

Friday, January 18, 2013

[Webtip] Great website for creativity

5 creative sites discovered by Xenia Kuhn for fashionrolla.com

Great website for creativity
[Creative websites]

Today's [Wondernet] post is all about creativity and inspiration. As a Designer and DIYer I am constantly looking for new ideas and inspirations for new projects and designs. This little selection of most creative and unique websites I've discovered lately on the internet should be on the bookmark's list of every blogger. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

[DIY] Lana Del Rey inspired orchid crown

DIY-sexy Lana del Rey inspired orchid crown with veil

Lana Del Rey inspired orchid crown

To be honest I am not a fan of Lana's music. But, I do love her style and her appear. This woman knows how to get in the spotlight and leave an unforgettable impression. I love her retro look with the red orchid in the British Vogue. Meanwhile the floral crown is one of her trademarks. There are so many tutorials for a floral headbands and they are all pretty much the same. My version of Lana's orchid crown is a little bit more sophisticated I think. As usual it's really easy to make and costs less than €5/$7. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Best of 2012...

The greatest 2012 hits of fashionrolla.com

Best of 2012...

2012 is over. Thank God. :) It wasn't that bad, but I am sure  2013 is going to be much, much better. I wrote a unbelievable long resolution list. :) I scheduled thousands of new projects, tutorials and collaboration. I have enormous plans regarding my blog. The look, content and the structure of the blog will be changed soon. I also definitely plan to expand my online Etsy online shop and get more international popularity. 

But for now here are the greatest 2012 hits of Fashionrolla....