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Friday, December 28, 2012

[Gourmet] Biscuit peaches

biscuit peaches filled with your favorite jam and decorated with mint leaf created by Xenia Kuhn for fashionrolla

Biscuit peaches

How to get rid of stress? Make some amazing dessert and eat it! Done! :) It always works by me. Even the word "Stressed" spelled backwards is "desserts". That makes sence. This sweet temptation is easy to create and it makes great gift for somebody you love. You need simple biscuit pastry, your favorite jam/cream for filling (I used strawberry/blood orange) and as decoration mint leafs and sugar powder...

Monday, December 24, 2012

Sunday, December 23, 2012

[DIY] Handmade 3D Christmas card

DIY handmade 3d christmas card by xenia kuhn for fashionrolla

One day till Christmas. Did you get all the presents for your loved ones? If not you still have a chance to get something tomorrow. Just don't get you stabbed. :) People are just so crazy around that time. Yesterday a cute Granny was almost "eaten" alive because she tried to pay her shopping with hundreds of cents! :) So? Where is your Christmas spirit people??? Well I have mine! I bake, decorate, wrap, sing jingles and like every year I create handmade Christmas card. This tutorial is super easy and the result is super cute. And it's handmade with love...

Thursday, December 20, 2012

[Style] Punk-n-Chic...


The pink spiked beanie from the last post is now my new favorite item this season. It's so cool and cozy. Plus I received so many enthusiastic compliments for it: on the street and from my readers and facebook fans. Thanks a lot btw. So this is how I rocked my beanie tonight. This "Punk goes chic" outfit is perfect everyday look for my neighborhood Friedrichshain...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

[DIY] Spiked beanie

DIY spiked beanie by xenia kuhn for fashionrolla.com

Spiked beanie
[Step by step tutorial]

Since Jil Sander's veiled version, beanies gained more and more popularity. From fashion blogs to international catwalks, beanie are a huge trend this season. They are cool, cute and keep your awesome head pretty warm. Do you have a "bad hair" day? No problem. This spiked beanie makes you look gorgeous. You just need a simple beanie (maybe an old one), little piece of leather or faux leather (sacrifice your old bag) and some spikes (H&M selling spikes online). And VoilĂ !

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

[Story] New clothes for Elvis

cat in a custom made lambskin vest
I am Elvis!

[Story] New clothes for Elvis

This is Elvis- a friend's 4 months old super cute cat. Elvis visited me this sunday in my atelier. His owner Del wanted me to make a tiny custom made winter vest for him.  Del was even willing to sacrifice his lambskin jacket for his little kitty. :) Why the heck needs a cat a lambskin vest you ask? Well, Elvis loves to run a play outside. Especially at the old cemetery, where no dogs are allowed :). And because it's getting really cold outside Elvis needs a warm stylish lambskin vest. Made of  jacket's sleeve the stylish vest has a super cool collar, velcro fastener and super cozy lining. It's a little bit to big because Elvis is still growing. But altogether it looks pretty cute for my first cat vest. :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

[Tutorial] 14 artistic ways to knot your belt

This one is my favorite :)

14 artistic ways to knot your belt

After "12 awesome ways to knot your belt"  and "13 awesome ways to knot your tie" here comes a new great tutorial that every Fashionista needs to have on her phone, computer or Pinterest. This guide is very unique and doesn't exists that way nowhere. I spent weeks thinking out different  knots for a belt. And I really hope it will make your life much easier. This tutorial is super practical for traveling. You just need one simple belt... :)