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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Passion for red

To be honest red is not my favorite color for myself. I don't think it suits me well. I have red hair and pale skin. I do have some red clothes and bags, but I wear it really rarely. But here is the weird thing... I love to work with red colors. In every collection or project of mine you'll find at least one fire red piece. Maybe it doesn't look good on me, but it looks awesome on my models. Here are some photos from different projects I did in the past...

"Lust" part of the "Seven deadly sins" project. I'll post the complete collection in one of my next posts.

"Holly wood" - front view.
"Holly wood"  This dress doesn't have any darts and has only one seam at the back. It took me 2 days to construct this pattern. The dress sits so tight, you can't even wear underwear. :)

"Alice" This is the first dress I designed at my first semester at the Design School. The theme was empire style and we could only use home deco fabrics. This is what you can do with your blinds and curtains :) 

"Chicago"- inspired by the golden 20s. Second semester at Design School.  Took me 2 weeks to crochet it.


  1. What a beautiful blog + layout you have! Red is such a pretty colour, great pictures!

  2. beautiful pics!!!


  3. Beautiful photos!!!!

    Have a great weekend,
    The Spotted Cherry Pie :)

  4. love the doll pic


  5. Gorgeous photos!

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